5 Transformative Sessions on Resilience & Stress Management


At Black Dog Consultants, we know first-hand how difficult it's been in Asia-Pacific dealing with the impact of the Coronavirus. Work is disrupted, many schools and universities are closed, families are separated and businesses are struggling. For many people, this unusual situation can bring abnormally high levels of stress – with some going on to develop feelings of isolation, depression and hopelessness.

Therefore, over the course of the next 5 weeks, we invite you to learn new life-changing practices to integrate into your life, building a sense of purpose and the confidence to deal with the everyday stresses of life. These sessions are for everybody, in every role, position, industry and country. They are part of our commitment to our community and thus are provided free of charge to everyone. 


Everyone is welcome to join this short series of virtual masterclasses. You can access them off your computer or your phone with the special link we will send to you. You may be a leader, manager or team member working in a business; equally you might be a parent, teacher, stay at home parent or a teenager trying to stay focused on your studies. These sessions have something for everyone – and they are free of charge – for everyone.  

And however naturally resilient you think you are, there will always be times that you find yourself feeling worn down and fatigued by stress. Stress isn’t an unusual feeling. Stress is a perfectly normal reaction to the pressure of the lives we live today. You will have already experienced it and sometimes, it probably even helped you to perform better. But frequent and consistent stress will cause a dramatic decline in your productivity, your joy for life and your overall health.  

Here in Asia-Pacific, in a survey conducted by Cigna last year, it revealed nine in ten Singaporeans are stressed at work. Most go undetected as the survey found that only half (55%) show signs or talk about their stress – suggesting they may be hiding it or are simply uncomfortable talking about it. The picture is the same in Hong Kong with Hongkongers being the fifth most stressed population globally, taken from a survey in 23 economies. As many as 92 per cent of people in Hong Kong faced stress in their daily lives, while 17 per cent said they were unable to manage their stress, according to the survey.  

"The key goal in managing dynamic and unpredictable challenges is resilience – the ability to survive and thrive through unpredictable, changing, and potentially unfavorable events."

Harvard Business Review


Each session has an overall theme and comes packed with advice, tools, information and great free giveaways like apps and quizzes. Sessions are run ‘interview-style’ with guest contributors and are fully interactive giving you the chance to ask questions of our experts. We have a culturally diverse panel with authors, experts, professors, doctors and CEOs – all ready to share their unique wisdom and helpful advice.

  • SESSION 1: Why do I feel this way? What is stress and what can I do about it?
  • SESSION 2: Brain training – How can I re-programme the way I think about stress so I can limit my stress triggers?
  • SESSION 3: How can I recognise stress in myself early, so I can prevent it from taking over my life?
  • SESSION 4: What is happening in my environment that is getting in my way of changing my habits and shifting my mindset towards stress?
  • SESSION 5: What simple, low-cost practical changes can I make in the way I eat, sleep and move so I can live a more resilient life?
Resilient Asia Challenge



Why do I feel this way? What is stress and what can I do about it?

Tuesday 31 March at 16.00 HK/SG Time

In this session we welcome guest contributors Jeremy Stunt, Ontological Executive Coach and Facilitator who will guide us through what happens to us physiologically when we feel stressed. This will help us understand how our bodies are programmed to naturally respond to stress. We’ll also talk to Michael Chan, Program Manager, Responsible Business at Community Business, who will help us connect to how stress is manifesting itself in our community right now and how we can focus on the things we can control. At the end of this session we’ll be asking you to complete a short questionnaire on your attitude to stress, so we can understand how everyone is responding to these challenging times. The data from this will be used in session two.


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Brain training - How can I re-programme the way I think about stress so I can limit my stress triggers?

Tuesday 7 April at 16.00 HK/SG Time

At the start of this session, we’ll present the data collected from all of you, to take a look at what your mindset is towards stress right now. We will welcome guest contributor Deiric McCann who is both Head of International at Genos International and a leading global speaker/expert in the area of Emotional Intelligence. Deiric will share his own journey through stress and discuss with us how you can re-programme your mindset about stress, to keep it a little more under control. Deiric has a fabulous free gift for everyone attending that will help you practice some of the things you will learn on both this session and the next. Finally, we will ask you to contribute how you are feeling right now into an Asia-Pacific-wide study, the results of which we’ll share in session three.


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How can I recognise stress in myself early, so I can prevent it from taking over my life?

Tuesday 14 April at 16.00 HK/SG Time

As Asia-Pacific and the world struggle through these difficult times, how you are feeling at work has never been more important. But how do you speak up about feelings in a work, home or school environment – especially when others around you are under stress as well? Now you understand the science of stress, in this session, we will delve into 3 powerful topics to give you more practical ways to reframe stress, refocus stress and look forwards, not backwards. We are delighted to welcome Ryan Lim, Principal Consultant and Founding Partner of QED Consulting. Ryan is no stranger to managing high stress and emotionally charged situations in his profession and career having worked alongside companies and government agencies during times of crises.  Finally, we’ll teach you a simple tool to help you check in with yourself and the people you care about, to help you stay out of the overwhelm zone.  

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What is happening in my environment that is getting in my way of changing my habits and shifting my mindset towards stress?

Tuesday 21 April at 16.00 HK/SG Time

In this session we’ll look into the environmental factors contributing to significant levels of stress in Asia-Pacific right now. We will be joined by Rajiv Bhandari, IT principal – Productivity, IT Strategy, Planning and Core Capability, at one of the largest telecom companies globally who will help us focus on how ‘working from home’ may be contributing to an increase in mental health challenges. In addition, education expert, Dr. Nutsa Kobakhidze, Assistant Professor in Comparative and International Education at the Faculty of Education of the University of Hong Kong will join us to advise parents how they can support children who are currently being educated at home virtually, or who have had classes cancelled. We conclude this penultimate session with an opportunity to take a resilience quiz for you to understand the specific areas which may be contributing to your own stress. In session 5, we’ll examine the areas we spotlight in our quiz so you leave with clear, simple tactics of how to further build your resilience.

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What simple, low-cost practical changes can I make in the way I eat, sleep and move so I can live a more resilient life?

Tuesday 28 April at 16.00 HK/SG Time

It’s time to make a choice! We will present the results of the resilience quiz so you can see where you may still have some work to do. Here at week 5, you will understand the science of stress, how it affects you and you will have some simple free tools to take charge of your life. In this final session, we will be joined by sleep guide Sharon Moore, Health Professional at Well Spoken to understand how our sleep gets disrupted with stress and why we need to pay close attention to this aspect of our lives. Finally, we welcome a banker, personal fitness instructor and vertical stair running champion, Cindy Reid, who will talk about exercise and nutrition in a ‘self-isolating environment’ and share some final components of how to change your life in a positive way. We will conclude this journey together by giving you a further free app, which will help you embed those tools into your daily lives to become more resilient and less stressed going forward. For those who are interested, there will be a way to keep learning about the principles of resilience and stress management.

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Your Hosting Team

Introducing your hosts for the Webinar series, from left to right. Sally Leonard is CEO and the Solution Alchemist at Black Dog Consultants. She particularly enjoys working with clients using Design Thinking as a tool to craft people experiences in organisations.

Eric Toh is a Senior Facilitator, Executive Coach and visiting lecturer at the University of Birmingham (UK). A Malaysian working across Asia-Pacific, Eric has a particular speciality in Emotional and Cultural Intelligence.

And last but not least,
Raatha Ganesh who is Disruptor in Chief, at Resilio. Resilio is Black Dog Consultants' new sister organisation - a learning consultancy focused on shaping more human conversations in the workplace.

What’s included with this training?

Access to FREE meditation, mindfulness & journaling applications for every participant signed up for the programme.

expert advice and stress reducing techniques with direct access to speakers through Q&As in every session.

For ALL organisations, managers of teams and other groups (churches, schools, universities etc.), apply FREE for your own Emotional Culture Index* tool (estimated value SGD2,600/HKD13,850.

Access any sessions you miss FREE either as a video or a podcast (available for download after the sessions conclude).

A 50% discount of the upcoming Resilient Leader virtual workshop for all participants (and 90% off for any Healthcare workers in any Asia-Pacific country)

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We’d encourage you to join us for all the sessions but if you can't attend one, you'll be able to listen online when the sessions are concluded. By investing just a few hours in yourself, you will learn ways to dramatically impact how stress and challenging times impact you. 

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